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Team Safari is one of the mobile marketing industry leaders at program planning, development, staffing and management of mobile tours. Team Safari provides trained, knowledgeable tour operators that ensure the best brand experience for your target audience. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

Going Mobile... Taking Your Product to the Streets...

  • A touring promotion is a powerful vehicle that demonstrates the benefits of your product -­ whether it's a soft drink, a showerhead or a video game - to consumers at retail locations, fairs, festivals, sporting events or malls. With these serving as both base and magnet, they become events unto themselves by virtue of their sheer physical presence.

  • As traveling billboards, they forge millions of impressions as they roll along the highways and support events. And they can serve multiple purposes for manufacturers. 

  • In these days of heightened interest in grassroots marketing, more and more companies are taking their marketing objectives - and product samples - to the streets. Driving in the promotional caravan are most of the recognizable names in the business world - Kodak, Dunkin' Donuts, Pepsi Cola, Nintendo, R.J. Reynolds, Ocean Spray, Sega and Clairol. 

  • The advantages of mobile marketing are numerous, from the ability to attract attention, generate trial, create opportunities to meet and talk to consumers, to helping the local trade trouncing rivals. "It allows you to join with your retailers to market to your consumers and ambush your competitors,” according to director of promotion for Sega of America, Tom Abramson. 

  • Mobile programs can be extremely effective in generating awareness, trial, publicity and increase distribution. "Regardless of the size of the company," notes Johnsonville Foods product manager David Finch, "the true value of using (the Truck) is that it reinforces a product's positioning and benefits.” ''It's an enormous PR machine." Says Finch 

Excerpts from PROMO Magazine, SPECIAL REPORT, Feb.1996 

 Program Objectives 

  • To present companies product line to a demographically diverse audience.

  • To increase consumer product awareness through grassroots exposure and mobile event marketing. 

  • To generate positive media exposure for through targeted sponsorship investment. 
  1. To demonstrate valued support to dealers, providing:
  2. An expanded range of retail sites.
  3. Dealers with unique (event) opportunities to impact consumers.
  4. Tie-ins / crossovers and cooperative exposure with other sponsors involved benefiting each collectively and individually.

What you will receive, for your investment 

  • Your logo on Team Safari off-road professional racing uniforms (Grand National Cross County Race Series - endorsed by the AMA). 

  • Your logo on Team Safari professional bass angler uniforms (BASS National Circuit). 

  • Team Safari professionals using your products (thousands of miles monthly on your tires to add validity to products trials). 

  • Team Safari professionals at over 50 events. 

  • Team Safari professionals who have proven they can and will promote your product. 

  • Ten Team Safari professionals who will accomplish more to promote your products!
  1. Direct market penetration ... scheduled event promotions.
  2. A product display exhibit manned by Team Safari professionals, demonstrating and endorsing products.
  3. Opportunities to leverage your sponsorship involvement with strategic print and media tie-ins.
  4. Visual impact, differentiating you company from all others in your industry.
  5. Expanded opportunities for your dealers to promote.

The Program / Exhibit 

  • Mobility

- Prominent positioning of your products in all markets on the two tours.

  • Adaptability
  1. Race/tournament vehicle transporter and captivating display unit.
  2. Entertaining and instructional programming at race/tournament headquarters and event starting points.
  3. Dealer and retail events (Grand Openings & Special Promotions).
  4. Trade Show, Sports, Seminars, Corporate Appearances, Auto Races, Fairs .... Etc.

Program / Exhibit Description 

  • Semi trailer - custom mobile exhibit trailer.

  • Exhibit components:
  1. Completely self-supporting unit.
  2. Individual and unique sponsor displays.

  • Team Safari Pro Staff:
  1. Interacting with consumers and demonstrate your company.
  2. Drive sales through dealers.
  3. Feature entertainment programming to promote your company.

  • Twelve month schedule beginning February, 2014: 
  1. Major off-road racing events (GNCC, Best in the Desert)
  2. Major bass fishing events (B.AS.S. Everstart and the Canadian Open)


  • Team Safari realizes that your sponsorship of this promotional team is a new approach and is a departure from the traditional.
  • Team Safari recognizes that to invest more you must receive more and Team Safari is committed to achieving that for you.
  • Team Safari has already demonstrated that it can generate excitement through its unique approach to team and product promotions.
  • Mobility, adaptability and flexibility of an event-on-wheels offer quick response and program latitude, important in today's market.
  • Patterned after successful NASCAR Show Car programs, Team Safari offers the same opportunities to make an important marketing impact ... at a fraction of the cost.


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