Have you ever ask yourself -What does an Awesome Lifestyle look like? What does it sound like? What does it smell like? What does it feel like? 

What if you could leverage more of your time creating enjoyable life changing Memories & Experiences? You can with Team Safari Outdoors. 

Just Imagine ... that every youth in America had a bright new tomorrow in their future. Just Imagine …

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Team Safari Travel Worldwide Fishing and Hunting Adventures offers professional athletes and busy professionals ...

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Team Safari was ahead of the market when it introduced the fishing industry to the first true team concept.  A ...

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Team Safari Outdoors, Inc. launches non-profit youth outdoors program.

Team Safari Outdoors, Inc., a progressive marketing and advertising company announces formation of new non-profit entity called Team Safari Kids.

Team Safari Outdoors recognized early on that a significant portion of our efforts to bring the outdoors into the lives millions should be directed towards America’s youth.  We realized that our children still have the ability to “dream” if given the opportunity.  Consider for a moment that we, adults, are too shackled by the past and too burdened with the present to still dream of what “can be”!

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We Are Committed To Our Brave Men & Women In The Armed Forces.

Team Safari’s founder and president, Ollie Alexander, is a Vietnam era veteran and former National Guard officer. Ollie has experienced first -hand what it’s like to serve and perform ones duty to god and country and then come home to seemingly insurmountable challenges attempting to repatriate with all that he holds dear to heart.  Team Safari is committed to showing our respect, gratitude and full support to our military heroes for the sacrifices they have all made to guarantee our American way of life. 

We intend to create numerous opportunities for veterans to participate in stress free, satisfying activities. The primary platform is recreational pursuits that will offer rehabilitative and therapeutic support. 

We challenge all to join us in showing our thanks for their “SERVICE”.

Join Us In Showing Our Thanks

*** FISHING detroit, mi riverfront ***

James realing in his 2lb Small Mouth

James holding his prize :)

Ollie Alexander & James Sims


Daniel & Shawn all the way from Pittsburgh, PA shared an awesome time on the open water with us screaming "FISH ON".

Fish Finder Marine - In Business 20 Years!

3645 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd. • Brigantine, NJ 08203 • Call 609.264.0918

We had a AWESOME time out there :)


Joanna & Kelly

Joanna & Kelly had a amazing time out on the open water. Back bay fishing at its best on the calm back bay waters of Brigantine Island Come enjoy a fun filled day with your family and friends... "The Safari Experience"

Fluke Fishing: The Summer Flounder is a marine flatfish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean off the East coast of the United States and Canada. It is especially abundant in waters from North Carolina to Massachusetts.


Storm Original ThunderStick... What is it & does it work?

"If you love catching bass and northerns, you need to have these in your arsenal. I've been using them for years and have caught hundreds of fish on them including a 371/2" musky in Ontario. Tough as nails and great action. With varied retrieves, you can fish according to conditions and cover...

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Have you ever dreamed of effortless flight? Flying through the air, hovering high above the world below, even diving underwater? You can experience the world's first recreational Aquaboard with the Team Safari Outdoors! The Jetlev water-propelled Aquaboard is safe, fun and easy to use! With our premier water Aquaboard flight team nationwide, our professional staff and sales agents can make your dream of Aquaboard & Jetpack flight a reality.

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