Team Safari Motor Sports is the off-road racing division of Team Safari.  The team is currently composed of (3) three professional AVT Quad Racers.  Team          Safari racers rank within the top 10 in the world - American Motorcycle Association (AMA)  standings. Matt Smiley, the Team's number one ride, competes in the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) off-road racing circuit annually. Matt is sponsored by Polaris and is featured during the weekly airing of GNCC on Outdoor Life Network. Additionally, Matt is featured on the Polaris performance website as their top professional rider.


This type of off-road racing is the fastest growing in the industry. Similar in travel to bass fishing, the team competes in 13 races each year.  The 13 events cover an area from Indiana to Florida. Team Safari Motor Sports history with the GNCC is quite amazing in that the team became the most recognizable and talked about team competing!


You guessed it … we are employing the same synergistic approach that proved to be so successful with our fishing division.


It may surprise many to find that the demographics of motor sports are very similar to fishing. Motor Sports, however, has the advantage of being the world's largest spectator sport.  Numerous events are hosted across the nation where spectator attendance is in the tens of thousands.


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