Team Safari Professional Fishing is alive and well. Team Safari was ahead of the market when it introduced the fishing industry to the first true team concept.  A team driven, synergistic marketing approach that offered a marketable product to industry and non-industry sponsors alike.  Almost overnight the fishing world became aware of Team Safari's presence simply by the way in which it presented and marketed sponsor products.


The Team Safari Fishing division, for obvious reasons, enjoys an inherent level of uniqueness.  This uniqueness offers sponsors unparalleled exposure for the dollar spent.  Certainly, from an advertising standpoint, this group attracts the attention of other minorities. We offer a culture designed to fit the need of          nontraditional anglers to hone and challenge their angling skills and abilities to compete in a more competitive arena.  However, and more importantly, Team Safari's Black anglers attract the attention of many tens of thousands of non-minorities, even those not currently participating in the sport!  This notoriety is experienced every time a Team Safari anglers hook a bass boat to their trucks, no matter what the intent or destination.


What makes the sport of fishing so uniquely acceptable across all age groups, genders and racial boundaries is that no special God given athletic skill is required to participate. All that is required is desire.


Team Safari fishing division consists of charter (anglers) and associate members whose backgrounds are not traditionally represented on the professional fishing circuit.

Our intention is to present an image that is recognizable anytime and everywhere, even by those not interested or associated with the sport of fishing.  Team Safari presents a synergistic image where all members are attired alike in NASCAR style uniforms and operate boats and vehicles that are all identical in design and color.


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