Senior Vice President


 Ken Brown – Professional Marketing Consultant


Team Safari's Senior Vice President Communication, Ken, coordinates the Team's corporate and competitive visual activities. Ken maintains a busy marketing and consulting schedule, interwoven with tournaments, website, media, races and community work.  As one of the pro circuit's few full-time competing African Americans, Ken proudly sets the standard for others to follow. 


Lifelong Angler


Ken is arguably one of the most accomplished multi-species anglers in the US.  Though he has not competed in all of the high octane major bass fishing tournament circuits, he has trained side by side with Ollie all his life.


Ken has fished numerous exotic locations around the world.  Growing up in Ohio, he was weened on bass.  During the next stage of his life Ken's professional career as a international marketing consultant afforded him the one in a million opportunity to travel the world.  


Professionally, Ken attended Independence High School. He served honorably as a Sgt in the Special Duty Task Force. Ken also teamed up with Cedrick Harris & Team Take Over Marketing where he gained his extensive training in Branding, Attraction Marketing & Communications becoming one of the System Developers & Trainers for two of the top business marketing platforms online; IMToolsuite & OneUpMarketing.


Ken founded his own consulting company (Inspired Millionaires, Inc.) and an multi media company (MyBlogGuy, Inc.).


Ken hopes to develop and expand Team Safari into a national organization that promotes ethnic diversity that appeal to young and old alike.  We call it “THE SAFARI EXPIERENCE” 


Children:       Daughter; Aneysa  

                    Sons; Kylin and Kane


Residence:     Columbus, Ohio


Mission:         To develop and offer to America's youth a whole new category of positive sports icons to emulate.          


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