Debra Brown – Procurement Analyst


Team Safari's Chief Operating Officer, Debra, leads the operational and administrative areas of a company and/or corporation. She is generally responsible for managing finances and other operations, including quality control, personnel matters, and internal systems and business processes.

Lifelong Angler


Although not part on the professional sector of fishing, Debra is considered much more than a novice fisherman.  Debra is one of the anglers that is in the trenches experimenting with some of the many products available today for the common fisherman.


Debra was raised by parents that lived their lives on the banks of Ohio.  Along with her brothers and sisters, fishing is a part of life that has carried all the way into adulthood.  She has also passed down the love of fishing to her children and grandchildren.  Debra considers the sport of fishing to be something that anyone can enjoy and succeed at.  In 2014, Debra got the chance to experience the GEICO Bassmasters Tournament held in Birmingham, AL which made her fall in love with the sport that much more.  She desires to travel to places around the world in the “Pursuit of Happiness” in her days of retirement.


Professionally, Debra worked for the Federal Government located in Columbus, OH for 38 years as a Procurement Analyst.  She plans to retire by the end of 2014 to pursue her dream of fishing and traveling.


Debra hopes to help expand Team Safari into a national organization that promotes ethnic diversity that appeal to young and old alike.  We call it “THE SAFARI EXPIERENCE” 


Children:      Kenneth E. Brown, VP Communications, Team Safari Outdoors

                  Christopher J. Brown, Shadow Raid Communications

                  Christina D. Brown, UC Graduate, Engagement Specialist, Housing & Development 


Residence:    Columbus, Ohio


Mission:        To develop and offer to America's youth a whole new category of positive sports icons to emulate.   



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