Ollie C Alexander – Professional Angler


During the 1995 B.A.S.S. Virginia Invitational Tournament Ollie Alexander happened to be paired with Richard Briggs, a competing angler.  The two “weekend anglers” had a lot in common including military backgrounds.  These commonalities along with a strong desire to compete at a higher level led to discussions regarding their respective futures as professionals’ anglers.  The two men shared a similar vision of the sport and that vision became the impetus for the founding of Team Safari, Inc.


Team Safari's President and top PR man, Ollie, coordinates the Team's corporate and competitive activities. Ollie maintains a busy promotion and seminar schedule, interwoven with tournaments, races and community work.  As one of the pro circuit's few full-time competing African Americans, Ollie proudly sets the standard for others to follow. 


Lifelong Angler


Ollie is arguably one of the most accomplished multi-species anglers in the world.  He has competed in all the high octane major bass fishing tournament circuits, including but not limited to; the Bassmaster and FLW Circuits as well as the Canadian Bass Circuit.


Ollie has fished numerous exotic locations around the world.  Growing up in fabled Alaska, he was weened on salmon, ling cod and grayling at an early age.  During the next stage of his life Ollie's professional career as a international Field Engineer afforded him the one in a million opportunity to travel the world.  His travels allowed him to chase giant marlin out of Honolulu, battle with barramundi in outback’s of Australia to dangerous shark wrestling off a jungle cost somewhere in Columbia.  Ollie's adventures have allowed him to tangle with giant catfish in the muddy waters off the Kulong Peninsula in Hong Kong to finessing perch from the cold dark depths of Lake Como in the Swiss Alps! 


Professionally, Ollie attended The Ohio State University, Columbus technical Institute and Franklin University.  He served honorably in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam Nam war. Ollie also received a commission as an officer in the Ohio National Guard. 


Ollie founded his own engineering company (VICO, Inc.) and an outdoors advertising company (Team Safari, Inc.).


Ollie hopes to develop and expand Team Safari into a national organization that promotes ethnic diversity that appeal to young and old          alike.  We call it “THE SAFARI EXPIERENCE” 


Children:        Sons; Shawn, Stephan and Leo


Residence:     Columbus, Ohio


Mission:         To develop and offer to America's youth a whole new category of positive sports icons to emulate.          


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