Team Safari, created in 1996 is a world class Brand Marketing and Advertising Company that generally promotes the products and services of others by arranging for partner companies to affiliate their goods and services with nontraditional outdoor sports such as Professional Bass Fishing and Off-Road Racing.  Team Safari also provides community support for youth oriented activities and programs.

Team Safari's primary emphasis is creating opportunities for demographically diverse group and kids to participate in host of non-traditional sports.


Team Safari, Inc. owns the following properties:

  • Safari Motor Sports
  • Safari Racing
  • Safari Fishing
  • Safari Outdoors
  • Safari Travel
  • Safari Kids
  • Safari Shores
  • Safari Lifestyle
  • Safari Water Sports
  • Safari Gear
  • Safari Promotions


Team Safari offers a wide variety of flexible promotional opportunities for its partners. The various categories include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Fishing Trips
  • Sporting Shows
  • Dealer Shows
  • Corporate Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • In-Store Promotions
  • Media Presentations
  • Event Specific Promotions (Mobile Marketing)
  • Motor Sports Racing Promotions
  • Fishing Tournament Promotions


Former clients include  Kmart Corporation; Kelly Tires; Sierra Software; Triton Boats; Ranger Boats; B.A.S.S.; Raytheon Corporation; Duncan Racing International; SPEVCO Mobile Marketing; Black America Outdoors; Progressive Insurance; Jim's Truck and Auto Service; Roll Design; Golden Cycle Racing; Zebco; Sierra Online; PRADCO and Advantage Outdoors Magazine and many others.


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